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Grupo de Artes Performativas da Performact
Performing Arts Group of Performact

GAPP - Grupo de Artes Performativas da Performact (Performing Arts Group of Performact) - arises from the need to bridge the gap between education and professional activity in the performing arts. Since contemporary dance companies are less and less able to promote the economic and contractual stability necessary for a group to grow professionally, in comparison with the increase in quantity and quality of existing training, this project sees the need to welcome a group of young graduates so that they don't become unemployed and give up their talent and their career after years of investment in their training. The company's goal is to support performers at the beginning of their careers in order to guarantee sustainable working conditions that ensure the continuation of their artistic activity and prevent a mass exodus of these artists to other professional paths.

The lack of connection between training and profession was also the precept for the foundation, in 2016, of the professional school Performact - Interpreter Course in Contemporary Dance, the result of collaboration between the Association Ilú Dança-Teatro de Intervenção Urbana and the Belgian Association Untamed Productions vzw. In order to train dancers and prepare them for the reality of the activity as emerging artists, Performact not only provides the necessary tools for its students to work on their own physical and intellectual abilities, but also invites several nationally and internationally renowned contemporary dance professionals, allowing students a strong network of contacts and knowledge sharing with those who work directly in the field.


Through GAPP, this experimental company seeks to start a professional permaculture in the field of dance, absorbing young graduates and pushing them to achieve the best results through the professional plurality resulting from the network of partnerships and contacts that will allow their continuity and artistic ascension.

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