Our Studios are located at the heart of Torres Vedras, behind the train station. 

6 Studios fully equipped for the the development of dance training at high and international quality.


The formation course is based at the Rua da Eletricidade 9, 2560-310 Torres Vedras, west zone of beautiful countryside of Portugal. Torres Vedras is located 45 minutes by bus from Lisbon.

The peaceful and charming environment will allow a special focus on the formation and unfolding of each individual participant.


Rua da Eletricidade nº. 9,

2560-310 Torres Vedras, Portugal


Our schedule is careful set in a way of progressively wide the limits of our students, physically and creativity wise.

An extreme diverse training in different approaches to contemporary dance and physical and theatrical training, qualify our students to compete and take part in every professional environment. 


The training take place from Monday to Friday, generally from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (with exceptions when there is intensive programs and/or performances).


The program and training

The program is developed by Gonçalo Lobato, Martina Ambrózio e Ricardo Ambrózio. Each year auditions are hold to get new students for the 1st year. It is fundamental that each class has a small number of participants. Our program aim to give training and prepare top artists, which requires a more individual contact with each one and their needs.

The first year is an intensive bombard of Information, to acquire as many tools as possible.

The second year aims a development of each ones individual "artistic signature", which combines a rigorous training with a practical experience at professional level.

For the ones that doesn't take part in the course it is possible to take the technical classes with this incredible team (Ballet and Contemporary) and wekkend workshops.

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