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         GONÇALO LOBATO         


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Gonçalo Lobato is from Lisbon and completed his professional studies at the National Conservatory of Lisbon in 1995. After graduation, he spent nine years living in Belgium, where he worked as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer at the Charleroi Danses/Plan K Company under the direction of Frederic Flamand. He also participated in projects such as "SS" by Josse de Pauw for Bruges-European Capital of Culture and "Body-Work" by Frederic Flamand for the Hanover Exhibition...



Martina Griewank/R. Ambrozio, with German roots, holds a bachelor's degree in dance from the Royal Conservatory Artesis (BE) and postgraduate studies at Marchepied (CH).


She began working with young audiences during her studies, and her interest has remained strong ever since.

Alongside her work as a dancer and creator, she is an experienced producer in the cultural sector and currently works in dance education administration at Performact...


       RICARDO AMBRÓZIO       



Born in Brazil, Ricardo Ambrózio had his first contact with rhythm and movement at the age of 6. He further immersed himself in dance by attending Angel Vianna College for two years.
He continued his studies at the Superior School of Dance in Lisbon and worked with companies such as the Almada Dance Company and Instável Company. At the same
time, he began developing his own work as a choreographer and teacher by mixing influences he had experienced in dance with his own energy and strength...



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Bernarda Bernardo is originally from Coimbra, Portugal. She holds a bachelor's degree in Cultural and Communication Sciences from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon and a master's degree in Cultural Entrepreneurship and Management from ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa.

During her academic journey, she completed several internships in different dance companies, such as the Olga Roriz Company (Production) and the National Ballet Company (Production and Communication)...

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