Performact is a course created to prepare dancers with a rigorous stage performance oriented teaching plan. Not only will the successful applicants be able to work their own body techniques with several renowned tutors, but they’ll be provided with complementary stage production knowledge essential to the way each one perceives the stage itself. This program is spread over two years of formation, classes and creation processes. In the first year the participants will be in touch with several choreographers, teachers and dancers who’ll share not only their technique but also their own way of perceiving the dancer and the relation with the stage. The second year follows up this guideline settled in the first one, with a slight shift of focus to the independence of the participants, and their capacity to use the knowledge acquired to their own advantage to enhance their skills as performers and/or the respective creation of their own pieces.

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Performact is a uniquely designed two-year intensive professional dance program based in the heart of beautiful Portugal. Developed to focus on a performance-oriented training system Performact encourages individuality and expression young dancers while also supporting the strong technical development of its participants. In order to encourage a well-rounded skill-set in its students this course offers a wide range of learning opportunities including contemporary dance technique, ballet technique, acrobatics, capoeira, ju-jitsu, theatre, percussion and African dance among many others. Alongside this highly physical trajectory, students will be offered a foundation in theoretical studies including anatomy, dance history and culture, production skills, philosophy, and more.


The content of this two-year course is carefully curated to offer a broad skill-set and knowledge base with which to enter the professional performance world with confidence and competence. Following a strong track record among the graduates Performact is gaining recognition internationally as a leading professional dance training course in Southern Europe. Alumni of Performact are currently performing, choreographing and teaching in some of the most respected dance institutions including Ultima Vez, , Companhia Instavel, Theater Bielefeld, and creators as João Garcia Miguel, Smadar Goshen and more.

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