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Technique as a Foundation


Since 2016 the course has welcomed guest teachers and choreographers of the highest caliber to work intensively with students for periods of three to four weeks. This not only enhances technical skills but also fosters creativity, as students are given numerous performance opportunities throughout the year. The guest teachers come from diverse backgrounds, including various ages, genders, social and political demographics, and artistic styles, and have included renowned figures such as Eddie Becquart, Chloé Beillevaire, Magalie Lanriot, Inaki Azpillaga, Iseal Cruz, Mate Mészáros, Ted Stoffer, Samir Calixto, Inês Carijó and Tijen Lawton to name just a few




Creativity at its Core


Alongside this curated technical course students are encouraged to develop their artistic voice through composition and choreographic lessons as well as several creative projects. From the beginning of their first year until the end of their second students will be guided through a creative trajectory offering them a foundation in the tools needed to develop their dance practice. This includes several performance projects in which the students are asked to choreograph solos, duets, and group pieces performed within the school and in the community. This trajectory allows the students to explore their artistic voice and discover the world of choreography with guidance and coaching.





Learning by Experience


Throughout the two-year course, students are offered opportunities to connect with the broader community of Torres Vedras and the Lisbon area with performance opportunities in theatres and at festivals. Students are encouraged to become involved in the production of such events and are offered experience in each aspect of the dance world. These external opportunities are developed to offer exposure to the students during their training, not only as performers in the works of others but also as choreographers with the opportunity to share their creations. Through these real-life performance and presentation opportunities students gain experience in the dance world in a practical and guided manner, building up tools for their future careers which many other courses cannot offer. By reaching out to the community students of Performact build a network, not only with guest choreographers, teachers, producers, and other dance professionals but also with communities and organizations who will be available to support and foster their early career opportunities.

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